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DRUUM contemporary bed & breakfast – Wake up in a dream in Brussels

Away from home, off to a trip either for a short weekend getaway or a long vacation, there is one thing everybody wants to be certain, and that is a comfortable place to stay. Searching for the perfect place in Brussels is no longer my worry as I found the most comfort and unique bed and breakfast that bring the past and the present, the old time and modern time in togetherness, a bond in the hands of contemporary art, offers beautifully designed rooms, DRUUM contemporary bed & breakfast. Read More


Lemon cream cheese biscuits

Fun, fresh and cheerful is what we expect Summer could be. Right? Going to the beach, dress in playful style and pattern of Summer dress, or making delicious Summer recipes are the things we do to celebrate Summer. Read More


Visit Leuven, another hidden gem of Belgium

On the contrary for its labeled as a student city, Leuven has kept its secret as another hidden gem of Belgium. It is a city where visitors or tourist can amuse themselves in many ways. Read More


The glamor Monte Carlo – Monaco Part 2

“Shaken, not stirred.”  Remember this phrase? A very familiar phrase from the most famous secret agent in the world,  James Bond. Remember when he walked into the gambling suite room of Monte Carlo Casino in the movie Casino Royale? Read More


The hidden secret of green

A little while ago I took you to Damme, where the vibes of Summer – for me at least – started kicking off. Read More

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When black is part of Summer color

Nothing is more delightful to me in the past weekend than to see the blue sky displayed in the clear air, replacing the gray cloud and cold wind that made Summer a little bit cold for a couple of weeks. The sunny day at last approached Belgium’s sky. Read More


Those moments – Travel photography

A vacation plan has made. You are so eager to welcome your departure date. After all, your luggage is ready, also your papers, including your passport if it needed to. Not to mention your ticket, of course. Basically, you  are more than ready. Read More


Hot Baked Camembert for two or three

What to grab when you are not really into the mood of cooking, and all you have is a pack of Camembert and some vegetables? For me, it is simple, I turn to French baked Camembert cheese recipe. Read More