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Sicily, a real beauty – Part 1

Time has gone by so fast without us really aware of it at most of the time. A several months ago, my husband and I planned a trip to Sicily, and have been waiting ever since impatiently.  And then, this long waiting has finally ended. Trip to Sicily has become real. Read More


Walking on the beach and meditate life

As I walk along the sea of life
I pass the soft blue water
against the pale blue sky
I think of the sea creatures,
the ducks, the seagulls,
the seahorses and starfish
the myriad array of shells and stones
bringing me gems of wisdom…
The carefree breeze as the
water splashes on the shore
relaxing and renewing me…
I meditate on the serene tides
bringing me calm and focus

The sea is intense but still
as it enters my inner
and outer worlds,
but even though there
is an end somewhere –
it seems like an eternity… Read More


Creating styles with STRIPES

The stripes  have been part of fashion for about more than a century, with Breton stripes being the most popular one. Read More

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Cakes Inspiration

Doing something where your heart and soul, passion about is like walking in the midst of lilies, roses, and tulips, around a little lake in Spring time. No matter what the result will be, at least your heart feels comfort and courage, and joy, and perhaps bring smile on your face, and rise little peace at the corner of your soul, despite how tough or difficult the process can be. Read More

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Pina Colada smoothie and poach eggs

If there is more healthy way to have a breakfast, I guess smoothie will come on the first row of the list. But, is that so much healthier for Pina Colada smoothie? Read More



Homemade Tapesto. Now, you may be asking yourself, what is she talking about? What is Tapesto? Let me tell you the truth,  I don’t even  know if this word of Tapesto  exist in culinary word, and if it does exist,  excuse me for being unaware of it. Read More

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Ever since I started blogging, the concept of styling I wanted -and still- to carry out on my blog is  creating multiply styles from one item of clothing, or a combination of colors. Read More



What shall you do when you come to Paris in a rainy day? Well, basically nothing but stick to your itinerary or your trip plan, because the glam of this city will not fade away, simply because the rain pour as it doesn’t want to stop. Read More