BOROBUDUR TEMPLE, the largest Buddhist Temple in the world – Central Java Part 1

 The story begin…

Once upon a time there was a dynasty called Sailendra ruled the great plain     in the region of  Central Java (now is a province of Indonesia). The name of     Sailendra derived from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, which means     King of the Mountain.  Sailendra built the Borobudur temple, and it took 70 – 100  years before the construction of the temple completed under King Samaratunga.  Although the dynasty of Sailendra did not appear in history book as much as other famous  dynasties in ancient Indonesia, but their most remarkable legacy Borobudur  temple is the witness of the greatness of Sailendra dynasty and their  devotion to their believe. For centuries the magnificent temple abandoned, and  buried under the volcano dust and soil, until in 1814 British Lieutenant Governor on Java, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles discovered the site where the Borobudur temple located based on the information he got from the native Indonesians. Borobudur has since been undergoing several restorations with the major restoration happened in between 1975 – 1982 by the Indonesia government with the help from UNESCO. Following the restoration, Borobudur temple was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Back to the 60’s babe

I feel fascinated by the fact that the trend of 60’s and 70’s back to the arena of the fashion today. After all, fashion is like never ending cycle. The trends come and go following the evolution and revolution of the fashion world. Read More


Indonesian spicy roast chicken

It has been a quite long time since I post about Indonesian recipe. Now for this post I would love to introduce you one of the recipes from more than a hundred Indonesian roast chicken recipes. Read More

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Ancient ruins in Sicily, the magnificent past – Part 3

Before traveling to Sicily I did not aware if Sicily has close connections to Greece. It is the history in the past tie the bond between Sicily and Greece. We can see now the close bonding between the two through Sicilian culture, food and the architectures. Some of those architectures have remained as ruins that allow us to track the magnificent past of Sicily on ancient age. Read More

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Sicily, a real beauty – Part 1

Time has gone by so fast without us really aware of it at most of the time. A several months ago, my husband and I planned a trip to Sicily, and have been waiting ever since impatiently.  And then, this long waiting has finally ended. Trip to Sicily has become real. Read More


Walking on the beach and meditate life

As I walk along the sea of life
I pass the soft blue water
against the pale blue sky
I think of the sea creatures,
the ducks, the seagulls,
the seahorses and starfish
the myriad array of shells and stones
bringing me gems of wisdom…
The carefree breeze as the
water splashes on the shore
relaxing and renewing me…
I meditate on the serene tides
bringing me calm and focus

The sea is intense but still
as it enters my inner
and outer worlds,
but even though there
is an end somewhere –
it seems like an eternity… Read More


Creating styles with STRIPES

The stripes  have been part of fashion for about more than a century, with Breton stripes being the most popular one. Read More