Castell de Capdepera – Mallorca serie (Part 2)

Autumn is here! Temperature slowly moves to the lower level. It’s time to switch our sense of style to sort of Fall fashion. Hence, there’s still a piece of Summer I’d like to share from my trip to Mallorca. Read More


Hola, exploring Mallorca beaches – Mallorca serie (Part 1)

Okay, let’s straight to the point. I went to Majorca or Mallorca last Summer. This is the largest island in the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean that lie off the East coast Spain. For European and people who live in Europe, Mallorca is listed as one of desired destination  for good dreamy beaches. And exactly as it pictured, Mallorca’s clear turquoise color water beaches are simply breathtaking! Read More


The power of goodbye – hold onto Summer

Oh, Summer it feels like yesterday you knock the door of the Mother earth, given smile on our faces through the sunshine and the sunny days, but now you are leaving us. You give your crown to the next queen of the season, the Autumn. Read More


I’ll meet you in Brugge – A short story

Through the years I do my hobby photography I learn from the photographers that photo should not remain as just a photo. A photo  should contain a story. Take a look at photojournalism or wildlife photography for example. Thousand of words could sum up into one single photo and make a story. For photographers, they don’t take a photo or picture, they make one. Read More


Brussels Card – The easiest way to explore Brussels

There is no secret about my love for Brussels. I adore this city,  since the first time I stepped into it a decade ago. A regular visit to the capital of Belgium is a permanent list of my yearly schedule, a list I considered as a short trip or simple exploration of hidden gem Brussels kept as its secret. Read More

DRUUM 01 Copy

DRUUM contemporary bed & breakfast – Wake up in a dream in Brussels

Away from home, off to a trip either for a short weekend getaway or a long vacation, there is one thing everybody wants to be certain, and that is a comfortable place to stay. Searching for the perfect place in Brussels is no longer my worry as I found the most comfort and unique bed and breakfast that bring the past and the present, the old time and modern time in togetherness, a bond in the hands of contemporary art, offers beautifully designed rooms, DRUUM contemporary bed & breakfast. Read More


Lemon cream cheese biscuits

Fun, fresh and cheerful is what we expect Summer could be. Right? Going to the beach, dress in playful style and pattern of Summer dress, or making delicious Summer recipes are the things we do to celebrate Summer. Read More